How to be an impressive brainstormer and take your boss’ job

Before long you’ll be seen as the most imaginative, creative and intelligent contributor! You’ll probably be offered the CEO’s position so prepare yourself.

Brainstorming is often done in order to identify a range of possibilities and to get the creative juices pumping. Follow this advice if you are participating in a session, want to impress or want your boss’ job.

The trick with brainstorming is not to stay within one or two categories. For example, if the word is blue – don’t jump to another color. If you want to score high on lateral thinking you need to move across categories.

Take it to music – singing the blues.

Take it to emotions – depressed etc

Take it to imagination – outer space

Take it to a rhyming word – true

A body part – eyes or bruise

Think beyond the words or ideas that are expressed by others. Keep going!

The more divergent the categories you chart – the more likely you are to discover something amazing.

Brainstorming is not about creating logical links. When done correctly  it’s provocative, engaging and entertaining. A healthy brainstorming environment is not an ordered uptight space where participants are governed.

So turn off logic and reality, think disruptively and imagine laterally!


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I'm on a mission to make training information and resources accessible so you can Keep Climbing!

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