10 Steps: How to Kill Creativity

If one of these characteristics sound like you, you have a problem.

If 2 are you, sell your company, you’ll never make it!

If 3 or more are relevant, I encourage you to take a vow of silence, become a monk and whip yourself regularly. You obviously have a deep loathing for people and should be kept as far from them as possible.


1. Deny your own creativity by saying “Not everyone can be creative.” If you cant – who else would dare?!

2. View organizational creativity as flagrant rebellion. Fire protagonists!

3. When someone says they have an idea respond with “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

4. If you absolutely have to endure a staff meeting or presentation about a new suggestion, yawn….often. Ask the presenter if they could quickly pop out and grab you a cup of coffee. That should throw them!

5. Paint the areas where staff like to congregate a green gray color, including the toilets and kitchen.

6. Never employ someone with tattoos or body jewelery.

7. Discriminate against attractive people unless it’s your personal assistant.

8. Reward staff who compliment you.

9.  Don’t decorate as it could encourage  a jovial spirit. The only one smiling should be you.

10. Do not allow access to the internet except to email.


About Leonie Hall

I'm on a mission to make training information and resources accessible so you can Keep Climbing!

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