Innovate or Evaporate

Business is battling, no doubt. Many companies are downsizing and closing down, leaving the gap open for organisations that are more adaptive to emerging conditions.

A company that allows for creativity, creates space for playful people to experiment and doesn’t punish those who don’t tow the line – is more likely to possess the magic ingredient that inspires loyalty and the ability to reinvent itself.

We seem to design and operate companies that restrict the development and nurturing of creativity. In many companies you’ll see the ‘creatives’ vs ‘suits’  tension in some form or other. This will usually happen in places where people are expected to conform to rigid patterns of behavior.

If religion says ‘turn or burn’ then the business equivalent is ‘innovate or evaporate.’  So you’ve been doing this for 10, 20, 40 years without any problem. It’s possible that you were in the right place at the right time and that your lack of competition made your growth easier. Lack of competition lulls you into a false sense of security as you become more and more convinced that you’re doing things right – hence your success. But really, you’ve been lucky.

Take a look around at your industry now. How has your competition increased and how much of the market have they taken from right under your feet? “But our market share has remained the same. We haven’t shrunk but remained consistent. There’s enough space for all of us.”

This is short sighted. New competition enters the market regularly because they spot gaps which other organizations (dinosaurs) fail to spot. You could quite possibly learn more from the new competition’s marketing strategy than what you could from  your own.

Furthermore, just because your business strategy has kept you in business for 10 or more years doesn’t mean that what was right when you started is still right now. But don’t think that change has to be a radical gut wrenching process. Just as there are many ways to drink Tequila, so are there many ways to inspire, energize and elevate innovation and creativity.


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I'm on a mission to make training information and resources accessible so you can Keep Climbing!

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