Test how creative you are!

These kinds of tests should never be taken too seriously!

lateral thinking excerciseYou could be having a bad day and be feeling brain dead – it’s quite likely that you’ll be distracted and not do well.

But on the flip side –  there are also others who when they find themselves under severe stress, become extremely creative and innovative. You might not do well on  one day but excel on another.

The cool thing about these tests, games and exercises is that they stimulate you to think in ways you wouldn’t normally try. So go ahead…give it a bash!

Try completing the Guilford Alternative Uses Task

  1. Choose one of the following:
  • Brick
  • CD
  • Newspaper
  • Tin can

2.  List as many possible uses as you can for the item.

See 100 Uses for a Paperclip.


Originality – Best scored in a group context or by an experienced assessor comparing you to their previous participants.

Responses that were given by only 5% of your group are unusual 1 point, Responses that were given by only 1% of your group are unique – 2 points.

Fluency –  Number of ideas. Just add up all the responses.
Elaboration – The amount of detail in the responses (for Example “a doorstop” = 0 whereas “a door stop to prevent a door slamming shut in a strong wind” = 2 (one for explanation of door slamming, two for further detail about the wind).

Total points=?  Higher scores indicate creativity*

Have fun!


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