Top 10 Innovative Companies in the World


A triumphant chain of progress with a bit humour from Apple. They are ranked one to four on Fast Company’s 2012 “” list and except for Amazon, they are also on “” list put out by MIT’s Technology Review. Amazon was eliminated this year as a result of the negative reviews of its Kindle Fire.

When we associate these companies to the word innovation it’s easy to feel intimidated by their size and capacity to innovate on such a grand scale.We forget that they started somewhere small and grew up.

 Their initial innovations, regardless of the complex algorithms or the fancy programming, adhered to fundamental principles around simplicity of design, use and purpose. Great innovators, and those that tend to sustain innovation, cut through complexity to clear the way for their fervent mission. They have what we should call high Innovation IQ.

Michael Zacka, President and CEO of Tetra Pak, United States and Canada

innovative businesses

Businesses that sustain innovation follow simple smart business models, continuously improve on their innovations and maintain simplicity at their core. This allows them to be agile as they can change rapidly without becoming too complex.

The Top 10 World’s Most Innovative Companies 2013innovation













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