Your Brain on a slow Website

Ever felt as if the internet, a symbol of our modern magnificence can make you feel like primitive monkey man?
Apparently for 57% of web surfers, a site is only worth waiting for for 3 seconds. It turns out that waiting longer requires greater concentration and that beyond 3 seconds we forget what we were waiting for in the first place! This rule of thumb will shortly apply to dates in modern mating internet connected societies.

Web surfers report that struggling with slow websites increases their anxiety levels – I’m sure this is particularly true when you have a deadline and desperately need to plagiarize.
The opposite of buyers remorse or cognitive dissonance (when you buy that orange retro jacket, try it on at home and something inside you dies) -is being an online spender tortured with slow pages during checkout. This gives rise to a fear that the transaction has failed.


About Leonie Hall

I'm on a mission to make training information and resources accessible so you can Keep Climbing!

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