Innovation or Kitsch-ovation?

Many companies use the word ‘innovative’ when  describing themselves yet fail to actually embrace an ethos of dynamic thinking and systemic agility. The word is dumbed down to a kitsch understanding and a trivial attempt at being trendy. Sometimes, simply adapting an operational task is touted as innovative when all it was is practical decision making.

So are they living it or merely phrasing it?

‘Innovation’ is indeed a popular word and has trend value as organisations tap into it’s power in order to shape perceptions or house delusions.

The rampant use of the word and flagrant misunderstanding of it’s meaning does allude to one essential factor: that there is a tacit understanding that there is value in being seen as innovative.

Why? I suggest that it’s because it positions an organisation as a market competitor, in the best cases – a market driver with an ability to outperform others.

Yes, innovation is a buzz word and like most of others will probably come and go – but the principle will remain as there is no going back to a time of simple uncomplicated trajectories.

Using the word ‘innovation’ is to admit that things need to shift but there should be greater acknowledgment that vibrant strategic playfulness (VSP) is vital to sustainability. Yes, I’m starting a new buzz term to dispel some of the staid embellishments being foisted on Innovation!

More about VSP on Christmas day. For now, ‘Innovation’ is a rock star being slavishly claimed by different groupies in their flavour of the month phase. The real stalwarts are  those who live it – not superficially phrase it.


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