Business Storytelling

We live in an era of escapism and imagination, where some of us still know people who were around when radios, television and airplanes were a novelty. (I still remember the magic experienced as a kid, watching the neighbors tv for the first time, squatting on the floor absorbed by the ‘small’ screen.)

storytelling3storytellingPart of television’s magic was in taking the ability to tell a story to new heights. Traditionally, we link stories to books or the African oral tradition. Maskande music, popular in rural enclaves in South Africa, tells contemporary, often newsworthy ┬ástories in carefully calculated rhythms and often cynical humour.

Stories can transport, change and inspire. They can also instill fear, doom and melancholia. Using story telling as an organisation development intervention, it’s important to e sensitive to these subtleties and to ‘lead’ the story.

storytelling4Often a work team has people spanning a range of age groups who have different memories or recollections to draw from. When we tap into this we unlock humour, intrigue and can provide fascinating insights into advances in business and people management.

Good stories can compel people to change the way they feel, think, act and behave. Check out this infographic to inspire the use of storytelling as an engaging business intervention.

Fathom Infographic


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