Sports Doping

mental strength

For some, the mental endurance required to be at the top of their game is just too much and they turn to chemistry for help.

Enhancement is no new concept and it’s not such a surprise that doping and the likes of Lance Armstrong exist. Personally, I’d pay to watch a race if its billed as the one where all athletes have been on an ‘enhancement’ program and where super human feats are expected.

I’m not into sports but superhuman yes! Am I condoning drugs in sports? Lets get it straight- I’m saying differentiate between the naturals and the enhancers. As long as the enhancers don’t try to pass their plasticism off as natural – I don’t see the problem.

I’m more cerebral than athletic – but to be fair the quality of cerebral activity is up for debate. Which leads me to the next point.

I’m pretty sure there are people taking brain enhancing pills somewhere – or even people being force fed them without their knowledge. Such as in Canada.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) does a whole lot of fascinating scintillating research – like the one about the average time people spend on housework in different countries. Men around the world spend an average of 131 minutes per day on cooking, Canadian women have their men enhanced to a level of 146 minutes per day spent on cooking, cleaning and chores. You don’t think there’s something going down there? Seriously?

Ok, well what about North Korea? Google lists it as one of the most secretive countries in the world. Don’t bother buying a guide book if you go there – a government approved tour guide takes you to government approved experiences. Sounds like the perfect site for brain enhancement to occur.

Back to doping in sport, its like saying blank CD’s shouldn’t be available to consumers. If we want to glorify the naturals then the sporting organisations need to drive the process – I do believe that Lance Armstrong was a facile bastard but I think its time we realized that we’ve set sportspeople up for failure in a supremely plastic society.



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