LinkedIn Trends for South Africans

Searching for information to create a narrative about South African business media users, I discovered this infographic from Digitlab, illustrating LinkedIn trends during 2010 – 2011.

It shows that the 25-34 year age group is still the largest, with the 35 – 54 group increasing their activity. The section of the infographic on industries and their respective growth shows that Agriculture was the fastest growing industry over the last year. (Hmmm…interesting!) This sector outgrew hi-tech, corporate, finance and government.

The largest job sector on LinkedIn is Administration.

If you’re unemployed, you might want to see what transferable skills you have that are relevant to the Agricultural sector. The substantial size of the administration job sector shows that this is where a huge need exists, and, potentially  high levels of competition.



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    If you’re unemployed or searching for something better, understanding LinkedIn trends can help you identify where your opportunities are.


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