Top YouTube Facts

  • Started on Valentines day, February, 2005
  • First video was titled “Me at the zoo”
  • Full HD released in November, 2009
  • Broke the 2 billion video views a day in May, 2010
  • Trueview ads launched in 2010
  • Major redesign in December, 2011Reached 4 billion video views in December, 2012
  • First video to reach 1 billion views (Gangam Style – PSY)
  • It is the second largest search engine (bigger than Bing, Yahoo, ASK and Yahoo all combined)
  • 800 Million+ monthly unique visitors



About 1BigLeo

I deconstruct Policy and actively object to Labour Market Discrimination, often beginning during Education & Training to cultivate a lifetime of #inequality. #PaySlipBanSA #KeepClimbing

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