What People do when they find a Paperclip

It seems that people are regularly researching 100 Uses for a Paperclip on Innovation IQ!  Just for fun, please let us know what you do when you find a paperclip. Drop your answer in a comment below! Thanks! 🙂

According to Diary of an Advertising Girl, most people either use a paperclip to hold papers together or they turn it into an S, break it and throw it away.

Novel paperclips abound these days, but do you know the story behind the original paperclip design?


Heard about the guy who, through a series of online exchanges, swapped a red paperclip for a house? Go here to read about it  

According to Ten Facts About , the design of the original paperclip has never been patented and no one’s sure about who or where it was invented. This design was produced by the Gem Manufacturing Company Ltd in Britain in the 1870s and introduced to America in 1892. It became known as The Gem paperclip and is still the most common paperclip used in the world.

Types of paperclips
Different Types of Paperclips



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