Learning should never be boring! Tools, Apps and Training Innovation


Here’s a short description of applications, websites and tools that you can use to enhance the learning experience. An array of tools exist for teachers, trainers and change makers to communicate effortlessly with learners in distant locations, to share documents easily with large groups and address other learning challenges.

Using social media as a learning tool can not only improve communication skills but also create a deeper understanding of ethics, information boundaries and your fit or ‘misfit’ in traditional society.

Enjoy harnessing online resources, they’ll make you look cool and in touch with trends! You don’t even need to fully understand how to use them – simply ask the youngest members in your group to demonstrate and teach everyone else.

Please share any additional resources in the comments section below.

google apps

1.Google Apps

Google offers a suite of apps and tools in itself. From Google Drive to Hangouts, there are tools that let you collaborate, communicate, and share your knowledge with others. Google apps are popular, used by many school and teachers worldwide.

twitter2. Twitter

Twitter is the go-to resource for millions of teachers around the world. Twitter continues to catch on with teachers young and more experienced alike.

How do hashtags work?

Twitter can be a busy place with lots of tweets–and thus lots of “noise.”

A #hashtag is a way to aggregate tweets that have a hashtag. Picture it like a magnet that attracts all messages categorized by that topical word or phrase.

When you use a hashtag in your tweet, it will allow your message to be part of a larger conversation beyond your followers. Add popular hashtags from the list below to the end of your message, and you’ll automatically reach anyone interested in the same hashtag.

Popular Education Hashtags

  1. #lrnchat (social media and education)
  2. #edchat
  3. #blendchat (blended learning)
  4. #elearning
  5. #ipadchat
  6. #pbl/#pblchat (project-based learning)
  7. #passiondriven
  8. #ntchat (for new teachers)
  9. #gbl (game-based learning, from serious games and simulations to video games and more)
  10. #edtech (education technology)
  11. #edtech
  12. #elearning
  13. #mlearning
  14. #web20
  15. #flipclass
  16. #edchat
  17. #BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  18. #iPaded (iPads in education)
  19. #EdApps (education and learning apps
  20.  #k12
  21. #cpchat
  22. #highered
  23. #21stedchat
  24. #reflectiveteacher


  1. #earlyed
  2. #elemchat
  3. #middleschool
  4. #highschool
  5. #commoncore
  6. #cchat
  7. #edreformtribe
  8. #edreform
  9. #parentpower
  10. #edpolicy
  11. #teacherquality
  12. #eddata
  13. #schoolchoice
  14. #putkidsfirst
  15. #parentalchoice
  16. #edleadership
  17. #eduleaders
  18. #achievementgap
  19. #edgap
  20. #inquiryed
  21. #ibpyp
  22. #edcamp

Content Areas

  1. #engchat
  2. #litchat
  3. #arted
  4. #musedchat
  5. #math
  6. #mathchat
  7. #science
  8. #scichat
  9. #sschat
  10. #histedchat
  11. #historyteaching

Digital Citizenship

  1. #digitalcitizenship
  2. #edtech
  3. #edtechchat
  4. #privacy
  5. #21stedchat
  6. #digcit
  7. #parenting
  8. #ettipad
  9. #internetsafety
  10. #cyberbullying


3. Skype

Use Skype  to collaborate and communicate with others around the world. It saves money and allows you to communicate with friends and colleagues in countries typically hard to reach. Look for the Skype in the Classroom to continue solid growth. https://education.skype.com/


4. YouTube

The second largest search engine, what can’t you find on YouTube? That is, of course, if it isn’t blocked at your office or school. I’ve started playlisting some of my favorite training videos here. Set up an account as it will save the list of videos you watch and you can subscribe to your favorite channels.

Install the YTD app (YouTube Downloader) so you can download and watch videos even when you can’t connect to the internet.


5. Evernote, perhaps the most well-known digital notebook app ever made,  is valued to be worth more than the New York Times. It’s useful, saves time, and keeps your life organized. It’s an app where you can add everything—from typed-in notes to scanned documents to photos of a restaurant menu—in one unorganized mess, and it can still make sense of the madness and let you find anything you’ve ever added in seconds. It synthesis from any of your devices, for free, so you’ll never forget or need to remember anything.


6. Dropbox

Like Evernote, Dropbox lets you keep your digital life in sync the old-fashioned way. Dropbox makes it easy to store just about any file you can imagine in the proverbial ‘cloud’ by just using their freemium product. You get a folder on your desktop that you can drag stuff into. Then it’s in the cloud. That makes it so your files are accessible anywhere from smartphones to tablets to desktops.


7. Edmodo

Edmodo is the go-to way for teachers to have an online classroom worth using. It lets students share resources, hold online discussions, get grades, and basically just learn together. It’s collaborative and simple to use.

8. WordPress (And Other Blogging Software)

There are services like edublogs that you can use or you can build your own WordPress-powered website in an effort to establish greater credibility.Yo can use your blog to generate interest in your ideas, promote your best learners, projects and lessons.

9. Socrative

Reportedly signing up more than 1,000 new users a day, Socrative is booming. The popular engagement platform allows educators to motivate participation and enthusiasm among learning communities. http://www.socrative.com/

This list is not conclusive, please add your favorite tools, tricks and tips.






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